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Blog launch and website update

So today I decided to bite the bullet and add to my website a blog to keep you in the loop with all things Daniel Burton Photography. I have also updated some of my website images to show you some of my more recent weddings and events.

Like most people and businesses, we all have a few options when it comes to social media to showcase our work, but don't you think it's a mine field when it it comes to deciding which one to update with what? What should and shouldn't you post?

As my website is still fairly new, I'm still playing around with what I like and dislike. One thing I do want to do is have a way of show casing what I'm up to without making massive site changes - hence the blog page. At the bottom hopefully you will see an Instagram feed that I use to post regular edited images. On my blog I want to use my trusty iPhone to capture anything I find interesting on-the-go. This might be a nice sunset while walking the dog, an interesting article, or a glimpse into my daily adventures.

Love was in the air at a wedding at Breadsall Priory, Derby

Above all I really hope you like it, visit regularly and please be interactive - share your opinion, press that like button, be involved.

Those that know me know I am a friendly easy going kind of guy who loves to help out and put a smile on your face, so here's to more of that!

Happy Saturday

Daniel xx

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