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Busy last few days!

Had a busy few days on the last few portrait photo shoots that guarantees delivery of pictures before Christmas. 

While some of us are busy, some of us like to stay out of the way and supervise from the top of the stairs! 🐺 

Had some great sessions at my home, at the homes of clients and one great winter white morning at Elvaston Castle, Derby. 8pm start in the hope of getting that nice orange sky that we’ve had on a few mornings. Sadly the sky wasn’t that orange, but instead the white frost gave us a nice white glaze on the grass and fallen leaves, and some great frozen puddles provided us reflective mirrors to smash in our wellies! Boys will smash!! 

I can’t post any that are intended for Christmas gifts, so I look forward to sharing them in the new year. 

What ever you do this December, I hope you enjoy time with friends, family and all the people you love - after all, Christmas is about love, kindness, laughter, sharing and refecting on what hopefully has been a good year. 

#climbatree  - why not😝

Make sure you visit someone you haven’t seen for a while, or at least give them a call. Make someone smile this Christmas. 

We loved our Uncles road trip this week with our niece and nephew to visit our Grandad - Someone certainly loved his caps😊 

Let’s make more memories together to treasure in 2018! 

While I’ll be winding down for a few days, the camera is always every active - enjoy each other! 

Say cheeeeeeeeeeeese!! 


Daniel xx 

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