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Wedding flowers, Bridal bouquets and morning preparations

Wedding flowers / Bridal Bouquets It never fails to amaze me how creative and wonderful some of these wedding creations are. These flowers are by Louise James. These are just some of the Wedding details that you have put so much thought into, that for me as a photographer I MUST capture. Getting a few shots of these early on, usually during the Bridal Preparations in the morning ensures I get them at their freshest and best for close ups. This one was done in the wedding car right after the ceremony. Capturing these details in the morning also means more time to focus on the natural goings on with family and those other loved that you’ve invited to your day in that more natural documentary style that shows all the emotion and fun! The morning preparations and photos ensure a nice relaxed start to the day that helps your day to unfold at a more natural pace leaving you, the happy couple time to absorb the love and fun without stressing about cramming everything in. So consider a nice long casual start to the morning and allow yourself time to avoid getting flustered. Whatever happens, your day WILL be memorable, fun and full of love and happiness - enjoy it! 

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