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Wedding day top tip: Have 2 photowalks on your wedding day!

Firstly, what do I mean by a photowalk?

This is the time that I like to take the happy couple away from their guests to have some photos by themselves. 

Without fail, every single coupe I've ever photographed on their big day say that this time was one of the days highlights. 

Why is this?

What you will soon come to see and experience is that on your big day, this is often the first time you are alone since you left each other and said your goodbyes the day before when you were not newlyweds. 

The first photowalk works like a dream and this is why. Every single person that you have invited to your day wants to say congratulations, give you a hug and look at the ring etc. While this is amazing, by the time you go for this walk, you will crave these few minutes of quiet with each other. 

While I may direct a few poses and things I would like you to do, often the main thing I ask you to do is be with each other. Whisper into each other's ear, gaze lovingly into one another's eyes and express your feelings and thoughts to one another, smile and say, "hello Mrs/Mr (your surname)" or "hello Wife/Husband." Once you say these words to one another out loud, your faces WILL light up with joy.....the rest takes care of itself - and I, while probably grinning like a Cheshire Cat, click away and capture the love.

For me, it's important for this reason that you build in a large enough chunk of time so that you can have this moment, and see your guests, have a drink (you will be dry!) and feel like you are not rushed! 

The second photowalk takes place after the Wedding Breakfast, after you've freshend up of course. If you have a spring summer wedding this is usually around 7pm when the sun starts to go down and the sky is getting that orange tint. It's at this time that can create photos of sunsets and silhouettes, as long as the weather is kind to us of course. 

The Marriott Breadsall Priorty Golf Club, Derbyshire (above) A nice diffused light at this time of day. 

Sometimes it's worth leaving it a little later - the sky is something I like to keep an eye on so that I can create some creative wall art for you. 

A short walk from he Hallmark Mickleover Court Hotel, Derbyshire (above).

Another from Breadsall Priory Golf Club, Derbyshire (above). 

I do know one thing though, if your fabulous shoes are causing pain and you really can't walk, please say - if you're in pain, It will usually show in the photos so just speak up. Always worth asking to borrow the golf buggy! 

So remember:

Built in time for photographs so its not a rush. 

Plan on 2 photowalks

Try to hold the drinks for guests immediately after the ceremony if you do want a few group shots. This is a great time saver as it removes the temptation for the escaping Uncle or friend to go AWOL at the wrong time. 

Consider doing the confetti shot after you return from the photowalk - this avoids the confetti getting in all the wrong places and matting in your hair 

The Archbishops Palace, Maidstone (above)

So what happens in the winter when the nights are shown?

More helpful longtips to come

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