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A new start! A re-start

One from my first week as a full time photographer after making the jump from art teaching back in May 2019! ⠀

Photo of a bride and groom on their destination wedding to Santorini,  standing by a yellow wall.
Married in Santorini - this taken in the village of Prygos just a short drive from their wedding venue The Santorini Gem

Santorini, Greece - what a destination and a huge highlight of 2019!😍⠀

Not a bad first week I'm sure you'd agree! After doing many weddings since 2008, this was the right time for me, and I hit the ground running with a great first almost year that took me abroad, and around the UK! ⠀

Now, even after the covid setback, I've realised that it was still the right choice. Yes I now have to work a little differently, I've pivoted my business a to include other aspects I enjoy so will now be doing more of the other types of photography as well. I will be putting a sensible limit of the amount of weddings I take each year to allow me to do more portraits for example from my new studio space that was completed a week before Christmas - what a gift that was!⠀

I will get back on track. We will get back on track. As an industry, the wedding industry that I've loved for so long will do it together, helping and supporting each other like never before.⠀

Photo of a bridesmaid getting out the dresses that are hanging on the cupboards.
Getting the dresses out at Swancar Farm Country House in Nottingham

All of you that I have met and worked with, and those I have not yet. From the awarding organisations that have given me industry recognition for some of my shots, to the cakers, Dj's, venues, planners, master of ceremonies, outfitters, MUA's, hair and venue stylists and more, I am proud to call you my colleagues, and some of you my friends. ⠀

Above: These tables styled by Louise from Lush Occasions at the fabulous Alrewas Hayes in Staffordshire

After such a busy and positive week, I'm posting this to mark another new start!

With the more of the restrictions lifted this week, my Studio space is now open again to welcome couples for wedding consultations, cakes smashes, family photo shoots, product photography and more.

Beautiful woman and very cute toddler having a photoshoot with Daniel Burton Photography
My rocks, my world, my family! One from when we jumped in the studio on boxing day for a family shot... why not!

These guys really have got me through the past 12 months with their never ending love, laughter and cuddles - my wife and child!

I have a small wedding to do this week (Wednesday) for this lovely couple above, we'll I should say pt.1 of the wedding, as they plan a longer day and reception when allowed. I cannot wait to be there, documenting their day, telling their story, even if it’s split over x2 days, it will still get my full attention and probably more than 100% in effort it’s been so long now!

Things are moving, things are improving and are on the up!!

I hope you have all enjoyed the past few days with shops being reopened, and judging by what I saw in the hairdressers at our local high street, it really has lifted the mood. Let's not forget though, we still need to be careful. Stay safe, follow the guidance, and let's safely enjoy each other and having more of the old 'normal' back.

Best wishes to all of the businesses that reopened this week.

Thank u & let's smash it!⠀

Daniel xx⠀




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