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Another award winner!!

I keep saying that I'm going to do an awards post with all of the wedding industry awards that I have won and why not? It's great to shout about getting recognised for your hard work right?!

I will do said post I promise, but I wanted to at least get this one out there as it's a new one.

I was so humbled to get this in my inbox from the amazing Wedaward - a wedding industry award that gives recognition to photographers and to be included in their published collection 69 of winning images along with other creative photographers from around the world!! Yes world!! Not just the UK.... the WORLD!! Boom!!

This is my 6th award from Wedaward, a fact I am proud of, especially when this one came from a pre-wedding/engagement shoot that I took at Bradgate Park, Newtown Linford, Leicester LE6 0HE (just incase you want to go!)

It is a deer park with a lovely tea room with some great cakes and a few local village cafes too - highly recommended for a bite to eat.

This wonderful couple met me for a wander round so we could not only do the shoot, but get to know one another as well a little before their big day, which is now later in the year in sunny Kettering, UK! Well, I hope it'll be sunny 🌞

Dodging a few deer, ducks and wild pedestrians we ventured in a little way, battling the odd gentle gust. Well it was October, so always a roll of the dice with the great British weather and the type of day you end up with.

Whatever the weather though you can be sure that I'm always on it, looking for a moment of creative genius or to capture a special look, a moment, or some other exchange or interaction with wildlife or the surroundings that might be worthy of a smile, a piece of wall art or an award!

I offer these sessions as part of all my full day packages as for me I believe it genuinely helps us to not only form a little bond before the wedding, it means that when I rock up with my Canon, you both feel a lot more at ease knowing what to expect from me. It means you are not as nervous, and I know in advance if there are any shy or other little habits you might have in front of camera such as being a serial blinker, or having tendency to face the camera, but nervously glance to the side or elsewhere when your gaze is required down the lense.

Whatever happens my aim is for most of the photos to be as natural and pain free as possible.

If you want to talk weddings just fill in your details in a very short contact form on my website, or drop me a message on any of my social media method.

If you want to have a look at the rest of Wedawards Collection 69 and to see the quality of the awards and work of the others who's company I keep in the collections awards, check the link below.

FYI - I also do engagement shoots independently from weddings too - these can also be gifted to a couple of your chosing as well. If they then go on to book me for their full wedding day, I will take the price paid for the engagement shoot off the full price of the full day wedding photography package they choose. What a great way to test drive my services eh before committing to the big one!?! 😊

Thanks again to Wedaward, and to you for reading. Come on, let's talk weddings!

Much love



Ps Is it coming home? Maybe.....


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