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As promised, my Tuesday tip and eco saver!

As promised after doing an IG live about this great product which helps to reduce plastic waste, is eco friendly, and they donate 50% of profits to Water aid to build toilets in third world countries and places that are in need.

It's just another thing that we now do to help the planet to reduce plastic use and waste.

Take a look at my IG live HERE! My referral code so we both make even more of a saving:

Their website is for you to just check them out, but if you order please use the code/link above: Take action peeps!! #helptheplanet #reduceplastic #whogivesacrap

Hope you also appreciate and use this tip. #stayclean #wiperesponsibly

Please subscribe to my blog and download the free wix app to follow my site where I will be posting VIP codes exclusively for app users only. 😊

You will see a pip down banner when you visit my website inviting you to download said app. Hope to see you on there.

Coming soon, more about my recent winning International award from Wedaward.

Much live



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