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Happy Halloween

Whatever you are doing this weekend, be safe doing it!

We had a little pumpkin carving session this week and have one more to do today. My little boy was fascinated with what was inside here!

He tentatively looked inside at the magic and wonder that these large beauties bring us every year - let's face it, Halloween wouldn't be the same without them.

As I continue my argument for spicy pumpkin soup today while my wife insists that she doesn't like it, (how rude!) This is also the time of year when we suddenly realise that damn! Christmas is round the corner! Who knows what kind of Christmas it will be this year, hopefully a normal one with family and no restrictions that prevent our precious family time.

With that in mind, don't forget that here at Daniel Burton Photography I will be opening my home studio later in November so will now not only have a comfy space to meet my clients, but a space for indoor photoshoots, the perfect gift for Christmas or any other time of year.

I will still of course be offering outdoor photoshoots as normal.

Contact me for more info on vouchers which will be coming soon along with the studio. Keep your eye out for model calls for special content I want to create, which is a big chance for some of you lucky people to get in on some photo shoot deals.

Some exciting things coming up, so watch this space and subscribe to my blog for regular updates.

Have a great weekend!



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