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Ideal gift for young bridesmaids / flowers girls and pageboys

We all struggle with what gifts to buy for people let's face it! - particularly when it's a thank you gift and they don't drink alcohol or appreciate flowers right?

So what do you get for those special people that often bring the "aaahhh" moment right before you walk in for the "wow!" moment in your beautiful dress?

A driving experience!!

Yes, that's right, or should I say Wright! But they're not old enough, are they?

(Above image credit: Wrightstart)

From as young as 2 years old, yes 2! Wrightstart driving school offer just this experience that you can gift and make their little face light up with joy.

Every child want to drive a car don't they? So let them! Take a look at this promotional video by Wrightstart and I'm pretty sure you will be sold on the idea. I can say from first hand experience working with these guys, for these guys and having friends with children who have driven with them that this is an amazing experience that they will never forget, and an adventure they can brag about at school.

Take a look.....

Here's their website for more info about driving lessons for you older folks, and for those wanting more advanced skills such as trailer towing and more.



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