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Weddings Taskforce New Bulletin, 14th May 2021 & Daniel Burton Photography news!

Recent wedding at Shottle Hall, Derbyshire from April 2021! Weddings are back!

I am aware that not all of my couples follow the Wedding Task Force's updates directly, but often see my reshares and info that I post, so here it the latest. Worth a read if you are having a wedding in the next month or so.

In the meantime, please stay safe and remember, if you need any help finding any suppliers due to changes, please drop me a message. I am in quite a few groups and meet suppliers regularly so can recommend lots.

On that note as well, you may have noticed if you have been on my website that it is changing! I am making the changes from being a 100% wedding devoted website, to include my other photography work. Where before 95% of what I did as a full time photographer was weddings, the past 12 months has pushed me to go back to diversifying a little more back to doing more portraits and family photography.

My recommended suppliers page is coming soon! (I am doing the changes myself!! Takes longer than you think!)

Please bear with while I make these website changes. Any additional information you require such as photoshoot packages and individual product item, just let me know for a PDF version of where I am at - I am waiting until I have a wide variety covered before uploading and implementing on the website. Nearly there!!

A little boy enjoying some cake during a cake smash for a 1yr old in my new studio in Castle Donington, Derbyshire
Cake smash for a 1yr old in my new studio in Castle Donington, Derbyshire

The family photography isn't a massive change as I did this anyway, othen seeing former couples whose wedding I had photographed, then being privileged enough to be invited to capture images of their newborns and growing family. I now have a studio space that I converted in December 2020 - it's also where I meet couples for consultations and pre-wedding meeting too. A good opportunity to come and take a look at my photo album offering.

Recently I have been out shooting my pre-wedding shoots with couples getting married this year and next, doing some of the following:

  • Engagement shoots for newly engaged

  • Cake smash and 1st birthday shoots

  • Headshots and social media content for some local Derby businesses

  • Product photography for local business websites

  • General business branding content such as venue photography and 'at work' and 'in the workplace' shots for company bio's and socials.

  • I have also been doing a little photo restoration as well.

  • Coaching of some new and up and coming photographers and videographers - getting used to how the wedding industry works as well as sharing good tips.

I have been keeping busy from from Castle Donington Studio as you can see, it's great to be back and at it again - why not get in touch to discuss any of your personal, family and business photography needs.

That reminds me.... note to self: Update my website contact page to include other fields for non-wedding related enquiries!!

I will get to it I promise!!

I have also been have a quick play with my new Magbeam and Magmask kits that produce wonderful patterns and effects for more interesting heads shots, and night photography. I will be using these at weddings as well, cannot wait!!

Daniel Burton Photography's self portrait using some new gear. Effects created using Magmasks and coloured gels on my flash #magmod #magmasks
Effects created using Magmasks and coloured gels on my flash #magmod #magmasks

Also see some experiments using Fractals from #getfractals - more on this coming in another blog!

Bride portrait taken at Kedleston Country House using crystals from - flower crown by Boutique Flowers Ltd in Derby
What are Fractals?? Creative use of crystals, take a look

How nice id that flower crown btw? It was by Matt at Boutique Flowers Ltd in Derby

Dress available from Tiffany Jordan Bridal - Derby. I believe it is by @casablancabridal

Right.... back to the editing, there is loads of it!!

Take a look at the recent Task Force update below, drop them a follow, and me if you haven't on all my socials. People who also download the Wix app and follow my site will get exclusive offers for discount and other photography related bonuses.

Enjoy, much love


UK Wedding Tack Force Update Below

England Step 3 Receptions Guidance

The Taskforce is disappointed with how long it has taken to get Step 3 wedding guidelines published despite daily conversations with the Government on this. We will be working harder than ever to ensure this delay doesn’t happen again and welcomed the Prime Minister’s point made in the House on Wednesday that he will be making an announcement within 28 days of 21st June to update us on weddings in Step 4.

The Step 3 guidelines have now been updated and the headlines are;

  • There is now only one document to cover the whole wedding instead or two

  • Weddings can now take place indoors but only in a COVID secure venue

  • Weddings can take place outdoors in COVID secure venues and in private gardens

  • No social distancing is required between guests when seated at tables

  • Masks do not need to be worn when outside, but do need to be worn when inside other than when eating or drinking

  • Live performances are permitted but dancing is advised against and dancefloors must remain closed

There are still areas that need further clarification on, which we have reached out to the Government about and will share further updates as soon as we get them.

All-Party Parliamentary Group for Weddings

The inaugural meeting of the APPG for Weddings will take place next Wednesday 19th May. It is being set up for MPs and Peers to deal with the ongoing issues facing the Weddings Industry, and to shine a light on the extent of work that businesses, couples, supply chains and all involved in the industry do for the UK. We are providing the Secretariat. The Chair of the APPG, Siobhan Baillie MP, has asked if businesses could encourage their MPs to attend, from any party across the UK, including from the devolved nations.

In addition to MPs and Peers, the APPG meeting is open to anyone from the wider Wedding Industry to attend. If you would like to register to attend please email:

If you would like to submit a question for the meeting please submit it in advance by Sunday 16th May by CLICKING HERE.

Meetings with UK Government

We will be meeting with Ministers again next week;

Penny Mordaunt MP from the Cabinet Office and Minister Paul Scully MP from BEIS will be updating us on several requests and papers we submitted at our last meeting including: businesses accessing grant funding, clarity for June 21st (and the need to confirm it is full unrestricted opening) and immediate parity with wider events. We are also meeting BEIS next week in regards to our industry having dedicated SIC codes as we feel that this is vital for being able to identify who we are in the future.

Events Research Programme

We have now received confirmation that the Taskforce will have input on the Events Research Programme panel and the first meeting is scheduled for next week. We will update as we continue to learn more.

Devolved Nations Update

Wales: The difficulties we all face in the Wedding sector are exacerbated in Wales by the fact that we do not have a full roadmap to a lifting of all restrictions like in England. The problems we face are encapsulated by the results of a survey conducted by the UK Weddings Task Force and the Welsh Wedding Venue Alliance over the last two weeks. The survey was aimed at Welsh wedding venues but also reflects the problems of the vast ecosystem of businesses which rely on weddings for their income. The key statistics gleaned from the survey are the following:

  • 82.6% of respondents to the survey were venues where weddings accounted for over 51% of their income. Out of these

    • 86.7% said that over 70% of their bookings had postponed or cancelled for May and June 2021 due to a lack of a roadmap.

    • 71.74% of respondents said that a failure to provide a proper roadmap to full reopening would put the future viability of their business at risk.

    • 73.34% said that either the lack of a road map to full reopening or the lack of parity to England’s roadmap were the greatest threats to their business right now.

    • 52.78% had clients who have cancelled their wedding in order to rebook in England

These alarming figures have been central to our lobbying and were sent to Mark Drakeford and several other Ministers in a strongly worded letter and have been presented in a meeting to Welsh Government representatives. We have been assured that this has been taken into consideration in the plans for next steps. We are hopeful that our message is getting through and we hope for another important step towards a full reopening will be announced tomorrow. We are calling for a parity to England with a similar timetable to a full reopening of our sector without restrictions. We will continue to lobby hard for this.

Further financial support for businesses which remain affected by restrictions has been announced and this includes wedding venues and supply chain businesses. An eligibility checker will open on the Business Wales Website at midday on 17th May so businesses can find out how much support they are likely to be entitled to and how to apply.

Scotland: Moves into level 2 on Monday, which allows 50 guests, entertainment & bar until 10pm. Issues which are currently being addressed by Government;

  • Physical distancing - this will be reported back within the next 3 weeks. Currently, in ceremonies, 2m physical distancing must be observed. At 50 guests, this is manageable, but when we move to 100 guests from 7th June, this will not be possible.

  • Bride being walked down the aisle; likely to be allowed shortly.

  • Suppliers currently included in guest numbers - we've asked for up to 10 suppliers to be allowed to attend on the basis that they don't dine with the guests.

  • Marquees on private dwellings are currently not allowed, but marquees on private/public land are. This is being reviewed.

Recent conversations with Scottish Government have had a real air of positivity around the direction of travel and if current conditions continue, a return to near normality by late June feels possible.

Northern Ireland: On May the 13th the NI Executive released an update for weddings which, subject to a review on the 20th of May, will come into place on the 24th of May.

For post wedding and civil partnership events, the following applies:

  • Risk assessment for capacity

  • No restriction on top table

  • Other tables maximum of ten (no household restriction)

  • Children under 12 excluded from table numbers

  • One dance permitted for the couple

  • Music same as for licenced venues

Registrars Update

The Taskforce made continuous representation to BEIS and Cabinet in relation to the ongoing issues surrounding getting registrars booked in the summer; this seemed particularly difficult in Essex.

We are pleased to report that following the Taskforce’s intervention Essex has now made more statutory weddings available over the summer, highlighting that no one should be denied the right to get legally married.

In the News

Since our last newsletter we have placed spokespeople in the Financial Times (front page and Page 4 on 8th Feb),, BBC Online, LBC radio, Talk Radio, Press Association and Cosmopolitan, along with a selection of local and regional outlets. You can view all of the Taskforce’s online coverage at this link.


We now need the support of the industry to help us raise funds to cover the cost of the work so far and to enable us to keep fighting for our sector. We appreciate that each business is different, and we will be incredibly grateful for any contribution you could make.

Members of the wedding sector already contributed £12,000 last year to secure government support for the Taskforce, but we need to raise an additional £12,500 - and each and every donation helps us get one step closer. Just a small contribution can make a big difference, for example:

£25 – will go towards admin fees, such as hosting our website

£100 – will help settle bills we have accumulated over the past few months

£250 – will go towards paying for essential services that were not provided by volunteers

Please, if you can, DONATE NOW

Thank you for your continued support.

If you aren't already, please follow us on Instagram and Twitter where we will continue to share updates.

Morley Hayes, Derby
Wedding at the Crow's Nest at Barton Marina - photo on a nearby bridge!


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