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007-Daniel Burton Photography -   Hanbury Barns Wedding Venue - S&K 2023.jpg
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As seasoned professional storytellers, we have had the pleasure of shooting at a variety of wedding venues over the years. Our portfolio showcases not only our work, but also the unique offerings of each venue. It's important to note that venues can look vastly different during the four seasons, both indoors and outdoors. We invite couples to get in touch to see more and discuss their vision for their special day.

Tipis at Whatton House

In the beautiful grounds of Whatton House, this venue is hands down my favourite Tipi wedding venue.

690-Daniel Burton Photography - Tipis at Whatton House - R&L 2022.jpg

The White Hart Inn

Great venue, great food, and such stunning local features for those couple portraits.

941-Daniel Burton Photography - The White Hart Moorwood Moor Wedding - N&G 2023.jpg

Cockliffe House

One of my new favourite venues - with it's stunning garden and huge outdoor space, it's perfect for those summer weddings with garden games and drinks from the outdoor horsebox bar.

979-Daniel Burton Photography -  Cockliffe House Hotel Wedding - A&G 2023.jpg

Hanbury Barns Wedding Venue

Such an amazing space and venue with a variety of places for photos and one amazing wheat field for when the weather is good! When it's not, fear not, the Barn and grounds have more than enough in a compact area to get what we need!

662-Daniel Burton Photography -   Hanbury Barns Wedding Venue - S&K 2023.jpg

Hazel Gap Barn

This venue situated by Sherwood Forest is absolutely stunning! At the right time of year the bluebell wood is out of this world!

491- Daniel Burton Photography -  Hazel Gap Barn Wedding - S&M 2023.jpg

The Westmill

The Westmill, Derby needs not introductions!! Perfect whatever the weather with 4 floors to use to enjoy your day and find that perfect spot of light for photos!

531-Daniel Burton Photography - The Westmill Derby - N&J 2022.jpg
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