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Silent Assassin!

There are lots of different types and styles of photographer that you could employ the services of for your big day or event. Whilst it is important the photographer has the confidence to organise and guide when needed, I'm a big believer in sitting on the outskirts like a sniper, shooting those precious moments as they unfold naturally. 

This shit, taken at Breadsall Priory, Derbyshire, is one I grabbed after doing the more formal shot of the cake cutting. I then like to take a step back our of the way so that other guests can take there shot. 

This then gives me a more unique viewpoint and a different framing option. Over the shoulder, from the side, through someone mobile screen. Getting just a little bit of something extra in there and a different profile of the happy couple can avoid that 'fake' or 'forced' smile. Over the years I've found that some couple prefer this as they can feel quite tense when the 'official' photographer points the camera their way. 

Catching some of then more humourous antics can also lend themselves to a good set of wedding photos that will make you laugh, cry and see all of those moments that you may have missed either before, during of after the ceremony whilst you were otherwise engaged - probably staring deep into the eyes of your gorgeous new Husband or Wife. 

My aim is simple to get every special moment I can, whether that be of you or your guests. This one above was in taken in Maidstone at the Archbishops Palace about 30-45 minutes before the Blushing Bride arrived. A young beautiful couple gazing out of the window as they patiently waited. 

Just before the Bride and Groom came in, the guests at the Wedding Breakfast had just enough time for a group selfie - and I got in on the act at just the right time. 

For those memories you want to treasure forever in full colour and black white as standard, and a commentary engagement shoot, contact me for more information on my wedding packages.

I don't bite, get in touch so I can get involved in your day. I'm more than happy to email, text or video call. Got a question? Ask away. If you don't ask.......

Much love 




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