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Don't do this to your wedding dress! (Or your photos!)

It's your wedding day, you're excited, it's wedding prep time, everything is set. The photographer arrives. They start taking photos. Everything is going fine, until the photographer asks......

"Ok, so let's get some photos of the dress, where is it?"

You take the photographer to a room where your beautiful dress that you've paid thousands for is hanging........ on one of these!!!!!!

WTF!! Is what the photographer is thinking, I can guarantee it!

Not your fault! You spent all this money on a dress, and THAT, is what the wedding dress boutique gave you the dress on!

Disgusting right! That is now the hanger that your dress will be photographered on!

Unless of course you are one of my brides!

I got sick of those cheap plastic hangers earlier this year, so I went onto Amazon, and got myself some of these!

(Click the photo to go to the Amazon page)

As an example, I got these kind, they don't need to me peronalised, just clean and with a rotating hook. You can get a smaller amount, I got a set of 5. I now will always have one if I need it.

White looks good, or even wood, depending on where you are getting married, and the dress colour.

I'm sure you'll agree now I have highlighted this - it may seem silly, but you WILL be annoyed if you see that yellow hanger in your photos. Imagine that being on the photo above! Not the same is it? Plus, the hook doesn't spin, so you would also be limited to where you could hang said dress!

If you really what to upset the photographewhyand yourself later, why not use a hanger from a supermarket that also has stickers on, store logos or better still, these!

At the end of the day, it's your day and your dress - but it's a special dress on a special day, so a few pounds on a plain hanger is well worth it in my opinion.

This isn't a rant anymore, as I have a solution with me these days, but, I may not be your photographer, and yours may not be so organised, so just in case, consider the hanger.

Disclaimer! Saiid hanger may not be with me on a destination wedding as I need to pack light!

Oh, and.....

Try and keep the room tidy! Just in case there isn't a nice stairwell, gate, wooden beam or other feature to hang the dress from in another part of the venue, or it'snot possible to take the dress out of the room as the groom is in a room nearby and might see it!🤪

Tip for wedding venues! Please, please, please, talk to a few photographers for their opinion, and put up a hook or 2 in a few locations where a dress might look great hanging for a photo. Ultimately, this will add to the whole experience for everyone and provide more photos that showcase not only the dress, but your venue!

Hope this helps!


Oh, you can also click each dress (apart from the first one) to see the venues where these where photographed.



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