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Studio Ninja Discount Code*

Yes! This man is a Ninja!

One for photoraphers and anyone with a business that wants to save themselves admin time and to ultimately get more organised.

You are welcome in advance!

Yes, this is designed by photographers, for photographers. But I also knowna wedding cake maker that uses it, as well as other non photographers as well. It really is gold!!

This is possibly the best non camera tool I have added to my business, allowing me to do more things in one place and even automate certain tasks which are both helpful to me, and my lovely couples. The amount of time it saves is insane!

The app works well allowing me do do tasks I don't want to automate on-the-go!

I'm talking about, but not limited to, invoice reminders, sending out quotes, digital contracts and questionnaires in one go at the poi t of booking so you don't have to do 3 separate tasks. I even have mine send out another wedding day questionnaire 45 days before the wedding. The reason I do this is because couples most commonly have a 6 weeks to go final meeting with their venues. Then at the same time they have my questionnaire with confirmed info I need. These are things like all the confirmed days event points of the day like, ceremony time, wedding breakfast start time, evening reception start, first dance etc, as well as addresses for bridal and groom prep and other essential info. Even requested 'must get' photos!

Another great feature is being able to create a contact form that you can embed onto your website. This means once a potential client fills this in, their details go straight into your contact section meaning you don't have to input that again. #timesaver

One other great feature is where you can actually see if emails sent from SN have landed with your client. You can even see if they have opened it and at what time! This means you can clearly see who is ignoring your emails and who hasn't even seen them. Great for following up with a reminder in case it went into spam! It happen sometimes due to nobodies fault. Usually it can just be whatever email provider service they use are and their settings for detecting potential spam. Some are more sensitive than others! (Or just not coded well enough!)

So, the discount code!

Use this promo code: BOZI277XY97KJ1 and get 20% off your subscription to the world's most user-friendly photography business software, Studio Ninja!

Now you can be a Ninja too!

Often they give out 50% off codes, but these are one off and only last a year. With this code it will roll onto and be used every year.

At the time of me writing this they were still offering a referral deal where if you share your referral code, each time someone uses it, you get an additional 20% off again! Yes, do the maths! Once you get 5, you subscription is free. Winner!!

So, sign up and enjoy!! Any qusstions, feel free to reach out and if I can answer your question, I will! 😊




*This promo is correct to my knowledge at the time of writing. Daniel Burton Photography cannot be held liable if Studio Ninja change, alter or withdraw this offer.


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