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March With Midwives

So this post is something different from my normal and something that I don't normally post about, and that's thing connected to politics - this however is something that everybody should be concerned about!

'My mummy deserves better!'

On Sunday I took a break from editing and went along to support the Vigil and March With Midwives in Nottingham, I also took some photos! If you have had children, planning to, or are about to have children, or in fact have even been born yourself? Of course you have, so that does mean you, so this is something you really should take note of and get behind.

This is not about more pay, this is about funding enough midwives to ensure the basic safety of human beings. This may be you as a couple in labour about to welcome your child into the world, and guess what? Choose between a rundown tired midwife that has been working already for 12 hours straight without breaks, going to the loo or resting because they don't want to leave YOU without a midwife - or you could decide to just deliver your child yourself without one!

For every 30 newly trained midwives there are 29 leaving the profession, not because they don't love their job, because believe me, if you know a midwife, then you know they LOVE doing what they do - they just don't like feeling they have to stay awake at the wheel using matchsticks to hold their eyelids open!!

I cannot overstate how regular of an occurance this is - this is not safe for you and your unborn child, or healthy at all for the midwife, hence being literally forced out of their job to preserve their own health and sanity. As with everything, check this yourself, but it's true, and dangerous! This needs sorting NOW BOJO!! BBC News - March with Midwives vigils held over 'maternity crisis' #MarchWithMidwives @marchwithmidwivesuk #marchwithmidwifesnottingham BBC News Derbyshire Live Nottinghamshire Live ITV News


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