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Wedding & Photoshoot Road map!!

Many couples have had to postpone or even cancel weddings over the past year due to having financial issues, new dates not being available, or just not being able to have the day they wanted. Some were waiting it out before re-booking to see what was to happen, so now hopefully the wait is almost over and now we can all start to make some plans. Finally!

I just hope those that were holding on can get dates as this past few days has been crazy busy! It's not often you have to recharge your phone 3 times in one day!

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the vaccine roll out is having an effect, and life can start to return to normal - the old normal!! As long as people keep to the rules and don't get too excited, I for one am feeling positive about things and I can almost taste that wedding cake. (It’s only right I steal a bit!!)

We converted our large garage space into a lovely studio space that was finished right before Christmas. I only manged a cake smash and a family photoshoot before being forced to close on 30th Dec 2020, so it’s been a tough few months not being able to get in there to do photo shoots or meet clients.

It was only right with the studio sitting there next to my home that we jumped in for a quick boxing day family photo to mark the occasion, and to give us an updated family photo and potential gift for family members - something that is well received at the moment, especially by grandparents! We know they love a good photo!

Don't forget Mother's day in the UK is Sunday 14th March 2021 this year! 😉

Why not treat Mum to an indoor or outdoor photoshoot with her kids, her babies, her grandchildren for mothers day. I'll be working on a few special packages over the next day or so now I know freedom is one the horizon! Time to update and add to those family photos!

Digital gift vouchers are available to purchase via this link:

You can choose any amount so loved ones and friends can put it towards a photoshoot, prints, wall art or anything else I provide photography wise.

Photoshoots with a 10"x8" print included start from just £35 with lots of add ons and extra available, at reasonable prices.

Above: Elvaston Castle, Derbyshire

So, just a reminder of the key dates where weddings and studio photography are concerned with covid restrictions, and what that means for numbers.

To remind you at what stage photoshoots can resume and how many people you can have at a shoot and a wedding as the UK lockdown starts to ease from March 2021.


Photoshoots - 1 person outside

Weddings - No change

29th March

Photoshoots - 1 household or 5 people max with me (or your photographer or videographer) as the 6th

Weddings - Up to 6 people in total

12th April

Photoshoots - Studio sessions and outdoor shoots can go ahead as normal!!

Weddings - Up to 15 people

17th May

Photoshoots - Can continue as normal Weddings - Up to 30 people

21st June 2021

Photoshoots - Can continue as normal Weddings -All wedding restrictions, subject to the data! Some mask wearing may still be required.


While this all seems amazing, we MUST keep to the current guidance to ensure this plan does not change to give us the best chance of this happening to the this way with no more delays!

I for one will be calling people out if I go anywhere and see folks taking the p###! Enough is enough, we must see this through now we can see the light in the tunnel, through the trees or whatever other saying you can think of🤪

If you'd like more information, or would like to book a FREE no obligation wedding consultation, or a photoshoot, please use and of my social media platforms messaging or book from availability on my calender via:

This link also takes you to some information about each service.

Currently I am able to do product photography and some business branding and venue photography, some of which I haven't shared so cannot wait to do so!

A recent outdoor Italian themed shoot at Alrewash Hayes which is between Burton-upon-Trent and Lichfield, was amazing. This was style's by the wonderful Louise at Lush Occasions who do wedding styling and are my number recommended supplier for this. Here's a sneak peek and some phone footage we took whe setting up!

A little windy as we set up, but it died down as it got darker where the warm glow from the candles really set the mood - watch this space!!

Let's get these parties started and get more events, weddings and more in the diaries - a year long celebration gets my vote, just to balance it all out. Maybe Boris could send every family in the UK a BBQ farm pack and a crate or bottles of their favourite tipple every week during this year long celebration, just to ensure everyone has food and drink to join in the fun! #posepandemicparty

Let's talk weddings, portraits, cake smashes, birthday celebrations and anything else photography, and let's make some wonderful memories to treasure forever!!

If you like to see my 5 minute virtual wedding fayre video, take a look at the link below. I wanted you to get a sense of me and my personality rather than just the photos. Don't forget, your photographer will be the one wedding supplier you will be with the most on the day, so let's get to know each other a bit. To with help this I include a pre-wedding photoshoot with all my full day packages. The photos will be edited and sent as a digital download, and will also be put on your wedding USB!!

So lots going on, please stay in the loop for some exclusive offers subscribe to my blog, like and follow me online at:

For the best offers, download the wix app so you can follow my website and get access to lots of me and my offers. It has lots of great features for you to make the most of.

Let's have a chat!

Daniel x Whe han just the wedding debacle.


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