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Wedding fair this Sunday!

Getting married? Looking for a wedding photographer? Wedding cake? Wedding dress?

Come a say hi and tell me about your day and find out about how I work, and how I can document your day in a natural unobtrusive way.

For most of the day, all you need to do is enjoy your day, without false smiles and posing. Even when we take a short photowalk to get a few couple shots, even most of these will be relaxed, with uncomfortable posing.

Even when I use a few effects such as smoke or steel wool, these are fun and mostly just need you to walk, talk, look at each other, and enjoy!

Above: Smoke grenades

Above: Relaxed photowalk giving you a few moments away to chat, and enjoy your new husband or wife.

Above: Bridesmaid arriving with a swag and a smile.

Above: We don't stop, even in the rain.

Let's talk about your day!


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