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This is me!

Intro, update and some UK wedding venue info!

Hi there,

I hope you are staying safe and coping okay in this tough time.

I just thought I'd post a rare photo of me and introduce myself - apart from when I got married, usually the only time I have photos taken of me is if I'm holding my little boy! I'm not sure that really counts though as clearly, I'm probably not the intended subject! 🤣

At this time, apart from enjoying some family and garden time, I am still working. I am a hardworking but easy going, full time photographer based in Castle Donington in the East Midlands, UK, but I work all over including abroad, when the airport is open!

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A wedding  Daniel Burton Photography covered with a Derbyshire couple on their destination wedding in Santorini Greece. The rooftops of Pyrgos, Santorini, Greece.
Derby Couple in Santorini, Greece

My main work comes from weddings and portrait photography, with some event and corporate stuff in there as well.

Getting married? Then let's talk! I am offering video or phone consultations to any happy couples looking for a photographer for their big day. We can talk through packages, how I work, and you can tell me more about you and your plans.

2021 is shaping up to be a very busy year for me personally, and within the wedding industry as a whole. I have taken quite a few more bookings in recent weeks, with some of this years weddings moving to 2021 - this means that it is freeing up some additional availability for later in 2020.

My 2023 calendar is also open and filling up.

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2020 wedding?

We can discuss 2020 options for new bookings and what I can do should the dates need to be moved within this year or to another.

Us photographers are working together to make sure we have you covered where any date clashes might occur if dates are to move. I am part of an extensive network of great established professional photographers to ensure there is always a plan B or C if this has to be the case - an answer to a question that has been popping lately.

Local Derbyshire & Staffordshire Photographers
Fellow Photographers Association Collage

About your wedding day!

Prior to your day I like to meet so we can get to know one another a little more, and talk through your day so I can plan my movements. I include pre-wedding shoots with all full day packages which are optional to do, but it does help some people to feel more at ease, on the day.

On your wedding day for the most part, I much prefer to be in the background taking documentary style photos of you being you, nice and natural, enjoying your day. I do like to take you both away for a short while for some couples portrait, but this I promise will be very relaxed and enjoyable, and probably your first quiet moment alone together all day! We might even let off a few smoke grenades or play with some steel wool! Steel what, you say? The effect that looks like lots of sparklers behind you!

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If you like what I'm saying so far, email me your date etc via the contact form in my profile, or send me a DM and lets organise a call. I can explain options for remaining 2020 slots, working with any restrictions we could face, and anything else you want to know.

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Let's make some memories and have a well deserved laugh while we do it!!



Looking for a UK venue? Then see the links below!

Featured photos in this blog were taken by me, Daniel at the following amazing wedding venues:


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