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Wedding, steady, GO!

So the 2019 wedding season has well and truly kicked off with a bang!

After meeting a lot of very eager couples during the spring wedding shows, I am happy to have a busy year ahead - some dates are available still if you are looking to get married this year, so let's talk about what I can do for you.

I have a very relaxed and friendly style of photography that is perfect is you want a less 'in your face' approach. I believe that by making you feel more relaxed and less tense about your photos helps me to tell your story in a more natural and genuine way.

Primarily I want to tell a story, your story. Most of the time you may not even know I am there, but rest assured I am. Working hard to capture as much as I can for the duration of your day from prep to dancing, with all of the champagne corks, confetti, kisses, laughs and love I can fill my memory cards with, so you have those memories to look back on forever!

I can even bring along a 2nd or 3rd photographer to ensure we don't miss a thing. I'm sure you are dying to know how each others morning went in the build up right?

Let me capture your day and your love story and tell it the way it deserves to be told. With love, enthusiasm and style that will last forever, without the gimmicks of passing chessy trends like popping out colours and vintage looks. I have a modern/classic editing style that will not date in the blink of an eye.

Tell me about your day and I will tailor a quote to you and your needs.



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